Friday 1 June 2018

The Crazy Train Podcast: Episode 68 - "We've Updated Our Podcasting Policy!"

Rob is joined by Blake via the magic of Internet to follow up on a fresh conspiracy theory (It's complicated...), movies and more!

We get a bunch of listener questions, including from listener Jeremy!

In this episode:

  • Q: Have you heard the Avril Lavigne death theory? Why is it a thing?
  • We talk a bit about Solo and Star Wars in general
  • We talk a little bit about Infinity War!
  • GDPR naturally comes up
  • Q: Who have you met who has made you think "It's that person I so admire!"
  • Blake went to MCM Comic-Con!

IMPORTANT: From 31:00 to 33:00 we do spoilers for Infinity War. It's probably been long enough for spoilers not to be a worry but nonetheless it's worth knowing.

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