Monday 11 June 2018

Emotionally14 At Broadside!

I hate setting my alarm clock for 6:30 on a Sunday morning as much as the next man, but yesterday it was definitely worth it. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you: became E14 was rocking up at Broadside! Hosted by the Milton Hundred Wargames Club, Broadside is a wargaming convention held every year in Sittingbourne, Kent, and this year, we were there to play some games. Well, Heroclix in particular.

Myself and my constant compatriot, Ian, the hosts of Brick Fury, joined up with Rob, editor of E14 and the host of the E14 Toybox and Blake (because, well, Blake seems to turn up all over E14). We were there to promote, and to present a truly colossal game of Heroclix featuring Fin Fang Foom. Normal games of Heroclix weigh in at 300 points a side, with 500 being a large game.

We clocked in at 3,000 a side.

And Fin Fang Foom was pretty big.

As soon as we set up, Lord Foom was attracting a lot of attention from our fellow exhibitors, and the doors hadn’t even opened yet.

To keep things moving, we first tried sending in waves of 500 points at a time to try and break down Fin Fang Foom’s defences, but the dragon destroyed them in very little time at all, even tearing a Hulkbuster to shreds in just two attacks. In fact, Foom made very short work of all 3,000 points against him, with use barely able to knock him onto his second of three dials.

After a short break in which we took a chance to look around at the other games and retailers exhibiting, we returned, and decided to kick it up a gear. We were worried that fielding 500 points at a time against Foom gave him too few targets, and therefore a chance to concentrate his power. With this in mind, we decided to try fielding three teams of 1,000 points at a time, and...this had a little more effect, though not really in the grand scheme of things. Once again Fin Fang Foom was victorious, and only Ian was the winner.

We all had a great time, meeting new readers and loyal fans alike, and we’ll look into doing more live events in the near future.

Check out the photos below and on Instagram, and maybe we’ll be down your way soon!

One of the founding members of E14, Brad Harmer-Barnes boasts an impressive track record in the entertainment industry. A comedian since the age of 12, Harmer created the comedy club Rock N' Rant which entertained the people of Chatham for over five years.

A recurring guest on the Crazy Train podcast, Brad published his first novel, North Sea Hunters, in 2017, and you can now find all of his books from Severed Press via Amazon using the links below!

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