Tuesday 13 February 2018

Brick Fury - Wizkids Heroclix Star Trek Tactics Series IV Starter Set Unboxing And Review

The boys at Brick Fury are back, at their new home on Emotionally14! In this episode, they take a look at the Starter Set from the Heroclix "Star Trek: Tactics" set, celebrating the Original Series of everyone's favourite "Star" property ending in "Trek"! Sorry, "Star-Based Adventure Trek"!

If you want to connect with the guys on social media, Brad can be found on Twitter and Instagram @realbradhb, you can connect with Ian on Instagram @gr8oldone and Blake is on Instagram @harmertheappreciator. He's on Twitter too @fucksakeblake!

Get involved in the Brick Fury fun with the hashtag #brickfuryheroclix!

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