Tuesday 28 November 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of "IT" (2017)

Skepticism was something that seemed to float around the social media circuit when this bad boy got announced. This is, of course, not uncommon in the horror communities, putting it mildly.

People didn’t like how the new Pennywise looked (even though it’s arguably more loyal to the description in the book but ya know…), and others felt the original series (that some are still calling ”the  original film” but ya know…) was unbeatable, and that a new coat of polish on a book so big you could kill an elephant using it just wasn't needed!

However, ever the crusader when it comes to revamps and whatnot, I thought I’d give this bad boy a go myself, and I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed.

Personally, I found the miniseries a chore, if I’m being perfectly honest. Tim Curry seemed to be the only thing holding it together and I still to this day think Seth Green should catch a mallet with his teeth, but that’s neither here nor there.

The part 1 of 2 feature-lengths (with the second to follow later, as you might expect) that graced our cinemas this years, however, is everything the other one wanted to be and more. From the get-go we are introduced with a somewhat terrifying sewer drain scene that doesn’t hold back one bit, really setting the scene for what was to come. Then, as a horror fan, I expected a grand opening and then a good 45 minutes of no action (save a couple of jump scares between mundane character developments) but that was my undoing! This film delivered scare after scare, and not cheap ones either! They actually used atmosphere and a harrowing sense of unease almost throughout which was bloody lovely for me!

It should also be said that the cast was brilliant, bringing us in a whole new range of child actors that only Stranger Things thought they could boast about. Oh no, good sir! Yes, I'm well aware that one of said child actors was in Stranger Things as well! Thanks for asking! Bill Skarsgârd, in my opinion, absolutely stole the show! Some said he was trying too hard, but for me, he just tipped the balance between creepy and playful, which really brought Stephen King’s vision of Pennywise alive; at least I think so anyway, which is what counts, as what I say goes.

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Verdict: I was really impressed with this flick, as it delivered way more than what I was expecting and leaves me highly anticipating part 2 next year. 8/10

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