Tuesday 12 September 2017

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Review of "Little Evil"

There are very few films that deliver more than what is written on the tin, and believe you me when I say that the Netflix Original Little Evil... isn’t one of those films.

Little Evil is the comedy-horror flick that pays homage to many of our old favourites whilst playing to their more selective audience: parents, or more to the point, step parents. And, if you’re a horror-loving parent, then this may be a film for you and/or perhaps the other half to sit down and chuckle to when the little one is tucked up in bed.

Little Evil is the fun time movie about 30-something Gary, who recently got married to a single parent, and is now moving in with her and her son Lucas. Gary, after many attempts to try and bond with the little bastard, slowly begins to believe that the kid is the Antichrist.

Now, as someone who owns a cat, I know all the worries and strains and trials and tribulations that come with parenthood (shots fired, come at me, etc. etc.), so this film definitely tickled me on a personal level (there’s no stopping me! Wotchya gonna do baaht it?), and as someone who has a stepdad, I could appreciate both sides of the coin!

Now, there’s nothing particularly special about this film, but at the same time it doesn’t really try to be anything more than an over-the- top, swearword-a-minute, camp comedy-horror that it is.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite make it to that point either, which is a shame, because this film really tries to balance itself on two legs. Sadly, it has the crying misfortune of having especially weak knees, which don’t quite cut the mustard, so with that all being said, it pretty much topples over.

However, in an almost heroic state, it quite rightly laughs at itself instead of crying when it finally falls and hits the tarmac, dusting itself off all the while. That’s right - I’m metaphorious as fuck!

Aaron's Spoiler-Free Rating: A ruddy good attempt of a film, but didn’t quite chalk up – 5/10.

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