Sunday 22 January 2017

E14 Toybox #20 - HyperSonic Greed! (World's Finest DC Heroclix Booster Unboxing)

Rob is once again opening the Toybox to tackle a Heroclix booster unboxing! Today's episode is a booster from the DC Comics "World's Finest" set!

For a bit of additional fun, during the video, Rob uses the Starfighter52 scoring system, made famous by this channel:

Starfighter52: Here

The scoring system works thusly:

Rules for this challenge:

Chases are worth 10pts
Super rares are worth 5pts
Primes are 3pts
Extra pieces (Clix FX, attachable piece, etc) is 2pts
Each trait is worth .25pts or 1/4 pts

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