Tuesday 9 August 2016

Man-Baby Power Hour: HyperSonic Greed! Part 1

The last time we saw our intrepid video unboxer Rob Wade in a Heroclix unboxing video (aside from a guest spot on Brick Fury, he was attempting to add a John Constantine Heroclix to his collection via a Gravity Feed. For those not familiar with Heroclix distribution, in this particular set (Justice League Trinity War), the Gravity Feed packs each contain a figure from a fixed selection of 10.

This meant, very simply, that as Constantine was not in this list of 10, it was not possible to get the figure Rob wanted from the video at any point. This wasn't realised initially, and Rob resolved to release what video he had as a cautionary tale to those similarly new to the collecting process.

Well, he's back! He's learned his mistake, he's licked his wounds and he's raring to go again. That, and he keeps winning booster bricks on eBay because they're too cheap to pass up compared to retail price! All of these things combined mean that today E14 is proud to bring back the Man-Baby Power Hour. This time round, Rob has decided to dedicate the premise of the series to be the same as before: Obtain John Constantine for the collection!

Enjoy the first foray back into the Man-Baby Power Hour, and let us know what you think of the episodes so that we can make future episodes better!

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