Friday 15 January 2016

The Crazy Train! Episode 37 - "Rob's Renumie-numies!"

On Episode 37 of The Crazy Train:

  • We talk briefly about Christmas
  • Our conversation turns into a general conversation about gift-giving and vouchers
  • Rob shares a bit of fun about the last episode
  • We talk briefly about New Year
  • Rob tells a story about a recent incident with his dad
  • Brad tells a first-aid story
  • Rob asks a question of the cast (not from the mailbag, just out of interest)
  • Rob shares something he was doing to mess with Blake
  • From the mailbag: If you could choose any job from fiction, what would you be and why?
  • Blake reveals his life goal
  • It all devolves into silliness

Starring: Rob Wade, Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer-Barnes, Sour Crouch.

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