Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Five Best Torture Scenes

Terror Trap is everyone's worst nightmare about what can happen in a rural Southern town. Corrupt law enforcement, isolation, sick and violent rednecks and no way to leave.

Driving to a weekend getaway, a car breakdown strands young couple Don and Nancy while passing through a small, rural Louisiana town. Finding the couple on the roadside, the town's inhospitable Sheriff Taylor (Jeff Fahey) tells them there'll be no one to repair their car before morning. He directs them to a nearby motel for the night run by Carter (Michael Madsen).

Checking into the seedy, rundown establishment, Don and Nancy have no way of knowing how this place deals with outsiders. Badge aside, the Sheriff answers to Carter, as do a gang of twisted, masked kidnappers, torturers, and killers. By the time Don and Nancy realize what's happening, it's too late to flee. They must fight to survive the night, or be the next victims of the Terror Trap...

To celebrate the DVD release of hottest new horror Terror Trap out on the 28th February, we've put together a list of some of the top torture scenes.

Saw 2
(Darren Lynn Bousman, 2005)
The Needle Pit Swan Dive

Former druggy Amanda has found a life saving antidote which is locked away. Where is the key? In a pit full of dirty, used syringes of course! This scene will make your stomach turn as you uncomfortably watch her digging her way through the pit.

(Eli Roth, 2005)

Being burnt in the face with a blowtorch and having to snip off your friends dangling eyeball makes this scene a worthy contender for one of the best torture scenes! Puss and nastiness galore!

Casino Royale
(Martin Campbell, 2006)
The Nad Sack Beating

Forget technology, it seems the best way to torture a man is by using the simplest methods. All you need is a broken chair, exposed bollocks, and a wet piece of rope. James Bond has been in some hairy situations over the years, but nothing quite as disturbing as this interrogation scene.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(Tobe Hooper, 1974)
Dinner With The Family

Lets face it, family dinners are a torturous experience anyway but you may want to have a re-think after reading this... Captured by sadistic rednecks, Sally is sat down for a good-old family dinner. The main course? Mashed up humans. Scrumptious, no?

Reservoir Dogs
(Quentin Tarintino, 1992)
Ear scene

In true Tarantinoesque style, Michael Madsen demonstrates his badass side when his character of Vic Vega (aka Mr. Blonde) carves off the ear of an unlucky cop, then douses him with gasoline!

Check into Terror Trap and bring your worst nightmare to life on DVD from February 28th!

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