Friday 28 January 2011

E14 Exchange

Brad: The downside of reviewing more than anyone else is that mathematically, you get more anime than anyone else.
Rob: Yeah, the law of averages isn't really in your favour there.
Brad: It's when I get two in a row that it kills me. I hate Japan. Did I mention?
Rob: I think you may have.
Brad: This one’s based on a Capcom game, too.
Rob: Oh right, which one?
Brad: Sengoku Basara.
Rob: Never heard of it.
Brad: May not have got a release outside of Japan, I guess.
Rob: What kind of game do you reckon it is based on the anime?
Brad: I'd say either a one-on-one beat em up, or a Dynasty Warriors clone.
Rob: Interesting, I can't imagine that translates well.
Brad: There has yet to be a good movie adaptation of a one-on-one beat em up. The best is still P.W. Anderson's Mortal Kombat.
Rob: I love Paul W.S Anderson. He's the Event Horizon guy, right?
Brad: Yep. The other Paul Anderson is the Boogie Nights guy.
Rob: Ahhh yeah, Magnolia man.
Brad: Worst. Superhero. Ever. Apart from The Silver Braggart.
Rob: He was shit.
Brad: Not if you like your children thin and crispy.
Rob: I don't remember ever burning a child, I think I knocked one out cold with a taser or a bin lid. Either way it was awesome.
Brad: Looking ahead through 2011, are you aware of any genre trend in video games, or just the usual suspects?
Rob: There's a fair emphasis on trilogies winding up, but 3D is the only real trend I can see for the time being.
Brad: How are they rocking that? Red/blue lenses, or the full 3DTV front?
Rob: Sony are using 3DTV tech, Nintendo neither. Nintendo have got 3D that works without glasses on their new DS.
Brad: I'm curious about that.
Rob: Apparently it works really well, and has to be seen to be believed. Understandably, the battery's not amazing and it comes with a hefty health warning.
Brad: "Do Not Use If You Have Eyes."
Rob: Essentially, yeah. Three hour play period max is what the gist was I think.
Brad: "Extended play may result in that face-melting bit from Raiders." Wait, what? I can't play on a normal DS for three hours...
Rob: That's more to do with the games though isn’t it?
Brad: Point. And the size of the screen.
Rob: I think the 3DS is more like the DSiXL.
Brad: "Can I get a bigger screen?"
"How about two of the same size?"
"That's not quite the sa...fine.”

Brad: There's a game coming out called Model Train Simulator. That's a simulation of a simulation, surely?
Rob: I guess so. Do model trains suffer from the same issues as real ones? Price hikes, signal failures etc?
Brad: I hope so. I'm sadistic like that.
Rob: Where's the enjoyment factor if they are?
Brad: If I had a train set I couldn't not put a Godzilla model alongside it.
Rob: See, that I'd play. Model train simulator featuring Godzilla? Gold!
Brad: You okay? You seem a bit fed up.
Rob: A little bit, but I anticipate tomorrow will help immensely.
Brad: Someone stick a camera in your wang?
Rob: The hospital appointment? Damn, I forgot about that...
Brad: You’ve got a movie that needs to go up tomorrow.
Rob: Okay, I'll knock it out tonight.
Brad: The camera?

Brad: Liz coming tomorrow?
Rob: Doubtful, she's got a ton of uni work and hasn't talked about coming.
Brad: Fair enough. Just thinking I haven't seen her for a while, that's all.
Rob: She's not dead...
Brad: She was never alive...
Rob: You're thinking of my old girlfriend, who I supposedly made up just because you’d never met her.
Brad: *Name removed*?
Rob: You...met her...didn't you?
Brad: Or did I?
Rob: Yes!
Brad: Fine.
Brad: I'm currently reviewing Smokey and the Bandit on Blu-ray. Did anyone want a HD version of this? What's the thinking here?
Rob: I've literally no idea.
Brad: We got this, The Breakfast Club and Spartacus. I can understand the other two. That's a cult favourite and a cinema classic but...this?
Rob: People like HD Burt?
Brad: The 'stash is looking very luxuriant, no argument there. They sent us Boogie Nights last year, so you may be onto something. I'll keep my eyes open for The Cannonball Run.
Brad: This might be one of the most redneck movies ever made. And I've seen Caddyshack.
Rob: Twice, as I recall.
Brad: Lots of driving in this movie.
Rob: I’ve always wondered about that movie: Is 'The Bandit' the car?
Brad: No, ‘The Bandit’ is Burt Reynolds's CB handle. ‘Smokey’ is apparently trucker slang for a Texas Ranger.
Rob: Ahhhhh.
Brad: Sherriff. Cop thing. You not seen it?
Rob: Nope, not really a Burt fan.
Brad: Do you think the moustache has a seperate agent? That'd be hilarious.
Rob: That would be amazing.
Brad: Or maybe he just refers to it in the third person to fuck with people.
Rob: 'Can someone get the moustache a cola?'
Brad: "He'll need a nice trailer.". It's like a Hollywood version of Zeke the Angry Wasp.
Rob: 'He has a massive rider. And his demands aren't bad either. Wa-hey!'
Brad: Until one day he stops talking to it due to something the moustache mentioned in his "tell all" autobiography. Sure, they still work together, but you can tell it's not the same.


The UK’s leading science fiction and fantastic film festival, SCI-FI-LONDON (The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film), will host film screenings, special events, workshops and celebrations during its 10 day festival across the capital in 2011. For the first time, the BFI Southbank and BFI Imax will host festival events.

The festival runs Saturday 23 April – Monday 2 May, 2011. In the current climate, SCI-FI-LONDON makes no apologies for its defiantly carnival attitude. In addition to the core film programme, highlights include:

• The Royal Wedding all-nighter The night before Will and Kate’s wedding we celebrate the wonder of weddings with Veronica Lake, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. The evening features five black-and-white classics including: Bride of Frankenstein, Bride of Dracula and I Married a Witch. Midnight ‘til 9am... cheaper than a hotel and a stone’s throw from The Mall!

• 20th Anniversary of MANGA UK ! Celebrate with screenings of the classic Akira in glorious HD and brand new animé feature, Eden of the East.

• 48 Hour Film Challenge with Edgar Wright and Gareth Edwards on the jury, our 2011 challenge has a first prize of a feature development deal with Vertigo Films. The challenge takes place 2–4 April, 2011.

SCI-FI-LONDON LAB Our real science thread examines subjects including long distance space travel and synthetic biology. Thinking caps on please.

• Fantasy Easter Parade along the Southbank From the BFI to the London Film Museum on Easter Sunday, featuring Stormtroopers, zombies, superheroes and more. All genres, all costumes, all-comers welcome to this free event!

Festival Director, Louis Savy says: “It is a tribute to our volunteer staff and the support of our sponsors and venues that we are here today. When we started ten years ago it was to challenge preconceptions about science fiction and bring a few independent movies to London. I never imagined we would become a key fixture in the international film festival calendar, and be a well-known genre event. This year’s festival will certainly be bigger and bolder but, equally, a celebration of those 10 years of fantastic film.”

Full details will be available soon on

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