Friday 17 December 2010

E14 Exchange

Rob: Just got the invite to your dad’s pirate-themed birthday party. Would coming as Lando be seen as awesome, or a party-ruining move?
Brad: All I know is that you’re the third person to ask that today.
Rob: Fuck, Solo it is then. I bet he’s less popular.
Brad: Scarily he is. You should go as Talon Karrde.
Rob: All right, gay?
Brad: Yeah, not been too bad. Sorry I was late on. I was watching wrestling.
Rob: Never a need to apologise when that's your reason buddy, I thought we'd discussed this.
Brad: Doubly more now that Sabu's in TNA.
Rob: Hardly surprising, let's see how long he lasts.

(Editor's note - this was genuinely noted before Sabu's departure from TNA)

Brad: Still on to chat on the phone today?
Rob: May have to delay it a little bit, waiting on some health news from my girlfriend – she may have to go into hospital.
Brad: Shit! What’s the story there?
Rob: She’s had some blood tests done, and apparently all the potassium has gone from her blood. May have to either take tablets or an IV course, depending on how severely it’s dropped.
Brad: I prescribe more bananas. That’s what she needs. If I know Lizzie, it’ll be in the form of Banoffee.
Rob: She had a weird dinner last night. Paté, with crackers and bananas.
Brad: It’s weirder than anything I’ve seen Ronnie eat, that’s for sure.
Rob: I dunno man, I’ve seen him eat a Beetle…wheels and all.

Brad: I always get slightly creeped out when we agree on something, don't you?
Rob: I get the feeling in an alternate universe, one of us has just killed the other to balance it out.
Rob: Somebody navigated to our site by searching "Playstation move looks like a fleshlight." I would hope they stayed for the sex toy reviews.
Brad: What search engine?
Rob: I don't know, it doesn't say does it?
Brad: Analytics might. Someone found us by Googling "Arkham Horror Star Wars". It's a good idea for a board game, you can't deny that.
Rob: What a crossover that'd be. I saw one for "Arkham Horror video game", which I've been saying would work since playing Arkham Horror.
Brad: We get a lot of Anti-Michael Cera traffic...
Rob: He does suck balls, to be fair.
Brad: Yeah, I imagine a lot of web sites get that enquiry.

Brad: We’re fucking funny sometimes.
Rob: We have our moments, yeah.
Brad: Totally! How many is that now, eight?
Rob: It’s definitely more than half a dozen.


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