Friday 14 August 2009

E14 Exchange

Brad: When you come over to pick the stuff up, did you want to hang out for a bit?
Rob : I can do once I get there mate, yeah.
Brad: Well, that's no good, I want to hang out before you arrive.
Rob : Well, you can do, but it'll be a bit lonely for you.


Rob : I'm gonna forward you an email.
I'm not sure I fully understand it.
Brad: Ok.
Brad: What's not to understand?
You HAVE encountered spam before, right?
Rob : I'll confess: I skimmed it.


Brad: Now everytime I log into FaceBook I can just see the appeal of Twitter.
Rob : Yeah, there's a reason it's popular, a lot of people find it easier.
Brad: I still think it's because, unlike MySpace and FaceBook, it has a twat filter.
Rob : Facebook has one.
You just hide the person you don't want to read.
Brad: Maybe I don't just want them to hide. Maybe I want them dead. Did you ever think of that?
Rob : Well not even Twitter has a filter that does that
Brad: I would love that. That would be the ultimate anti-social networking, wouldn't it?
Rob : DeathBook.
Brad: Jack the Twitter.


Brad: Intending to play Arkham Horror this evening is making the day go slower.
Rob : How long's it been since we played it last?
Brad: Seven days.
Rob :Fuck, that is a long time.
Brad: Arkham Horror has that effect on people. Frankly, if you've cleaned your teeth since the last game, it's been too long.


Brad: Why the fuck am I watching Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore twittering each other?
Surely they're in the same house?


  1. I just want to know why you're playing Arkham Horror without me.

    You bastards.

  2. I can't think of a game that we've played you haven't been invited to. The above conversation is pretty old.

    It has been too long. Game next week, chaps?

  3. Hmm... all right. You're forgiven.

    I'm certainly up for a game, schedule permitting.