Thursday 28 October 2021

Bring on the Bad Guys - Episode 35 - Halloween Special - Friday the 13th: Jason Goes to B&M

It's the Bring on the Bad Guys Hallowe'en SPOOK-TACULAR!

In a departure from their usual superhero-esque shenanigans, the guys are testing out "Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake". Can they avoid the threatening presence of Jason Voorhees (or his Mum)? Can they survive all five nights at the creepy summer camp? Will we make it half an hour in before Brad loses his shit at this terrible excuse for a game?

Ian, Brad and Dave are joined by Emotionally 14's own Rob Wade to venture into the darkened woods around Camp Crystal Lake, and...well, we're not really sure what happens after that, but apparently it involves a lot of frying pans.

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