Monday 23 September 2019

No New TSW This Week

Hi everyone, Rob here.

As alluded to on Twitter on Thursday night and Friday, there is no new episode of Talk Star Wars this week.

Brad had the night off, and after doing some initial enquiries around the other members of Team E14, I was not able to put together a cast in time to get everything prepared for Thursday.

I believe very strongly that quality of output is more important than quantity, and although I have proven myself capable of carrying a solo show in the absence of other cast members I felt that the questions we had received ahead of Thursday's recording session were going to be better with Brad alongside me. As such, I took the decision (which as long-time listeners know, I do not take lightly) to simply regroup and pick back up this coming week instead.

As creators, and I'm sure I don't speak solely for myself here, we often feel the weight of expectation and don't want to be seen to let our listeners down. In truth, the TSW community is the most engaged of everything under the Emotionally14 banner, and I feel that weight probably more heavily against TSW (not least of all because of the shoes I have done my best to fill) than any other enterprise.

The show will record as normal this week, and my sense is that it will be all the better for having taken a week out.

Besides, I'm getting married in 3 weeks. You need to get used to a couple of quiet weeks while I'm on honeymoon!

Thanks for understanding! Feedback is welcome at the usual channels (Email:, Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, there are just so many).


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