Tuesday 4 December 2018

E14 Toybox - Booster Battle! DC Heroclix "Batman The Animated Series" Unboxing

It's time for a Booster Battle! Rob and Blake are the combatants, and the battleground is a DC Heroclix brick from "Batman: The Animated Series"!

The rules of a Booster Battle:

At the beginning of each round (10 boosters makes 5 rounds), we choose a booster. We then guess (from the options Rare, Super Rare and Chase) what the rarest figure inside is going to be.

For each correct round, you get a point. If yours is the rarest of the two in that round, you get a further point. If a Chase is pulled, the points double for the round (making a maximum of 4 for a standard round).

If you're lucky enough to pull a Prime, you get an additional bonus point for that round.

Historically, Rob and Blake's contests have been evenly matched. Will this be the moment where someone sweeps the board?

Also, as teased in the video, look forward to a 600 point rumble featuring a team made up of the pulls in a future video!

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