Tuesday 1 May 2018

Announcing "The E14 Endorsed" Program!

Hello everyone, Rob here with some exciting news about a new initiative here at Emotionally14!

As a content provider I am always looking for the next great addition to the catalogue that we offer here at Emotionally14, and am continually reaching out behind the scenes to get more people on board. Today, I can happily announce that there is more to share, starting later today, with the E14 Endorsed Program!

E14 Endorsed is a sign that a podcast speaks to our interests, and that we're confident it will speak to yours as well! Whether that's the subject matter, or the personalities contained within, they're shows that we think you will really love!

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the fine Canadian chaps over at the TumblingSaber podcast will be the first to be "E14 Endorsed", and you should look forward to their latest episode being shared here later today!

No doubt, those of you who follow my appearances on Talk Star Wars will be familiar with their particular brand of GFFA goodness, and they are among many great creators that I am proud to consider among my friends, and even prouder still to have associated with Emotionally14!

Enjoy the episode, and keep your eyes open for more shows being E14 Endorsed soon, as we endeavour to bring together as much content as we can for the Permanently Teenaged.

Thanks for reading!

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