Wednesday 6 July 2016

Sour Crouch's Fun-Time Round-Up

Here are 5 things I have enjoyed this year. I’m sure there are a lot more, but these five things represent where a lot of my focus has been recently.

Rat Queens - Comic

Published under Image Shadowline, Rat Queens has become very much a required title for me, and it goes so far that I am genuinely angered that this isn’t as big as it deserves. That doesn't mean that you should assume that I am trapped in a state of awe with the series; it has its rough points to be sure, namely the troublesome juggling of artists that has mired the series since its inception.

Centering on 4 female sellswords, the titular Rat Queens, this title takes everything you love in high fantasy and gives it a big middle finger in the most glorious of ways.

Learn more about Rat Queens either on Comixology or on Amazon. Other retailers are available.

Kaijumax - Comic

Zander Cannon’s Kaijumax juxtaposes a simplified/cutesy art style with Kaijus. Oh, and It’s a prison drama. It’s just had its first volume, or “Season”, published, with season two right around the corner.

There are great moments of levity, mixed with real tension and drama that I must admit I didn’t expect when I saw its glorious cover in Waterstones. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where Cannon takes this.

Read Joe's extended thoughts on Kaijumax Here

Learn more about Kaijumax on Comixology or Amazon. Other retailers are available.

Life is Strange - Game

Life is Strange is an extremely evocative experience that’s part Telltale-like, part relationship sim, kind-of-teen girl simulator. Oh, and there’s time travel. It’s a wicked mix that ends up extremely satisfying on an array of levels.

If you haven’t seen or heard about this I strongly urge you to go into it blind, as to ruin its twists and turns would be a crime.

Learn about Life is Strange on their website or buy the game on Amazon. Previous retailer statement still binding.

Overwatch - Game

Mix a fantastic art style with an extremely addictive and well-polished game and you’ve got Overwatch. Fans of League of Legends or other team-based games where characters are distinct, with each bringing their own style of gameplay, will love this. I’ve been playing on and off since its release and it’s still holding my attention!

With its zany characters and team based objective modes, this is one to watch going forward, and currently the closest thing to a Pixar-style game you’re going to get.

Check out Overwatch on the official website and buy the game on Amazon. Retailers. Yes. Others.

Star Wars Battlefront - Game

I’m in two minds about Battlefront; I bought it during the hype around The Force Awakens, played it for a few games and then quickly grew both bored by the game, and fatigued by all of the nonsense - and some of it scathingly relevant - things being said about it. I’ve since come back to it, bought the season pass, and I can safely say it’s back in my permanent play pile.

It seems like where they struggled to find a distinct voice, coming out of making endless Battlefield titles, they were slightly hampered to begin with. Now, they’ve addressed the legitimate concerns and built a really fun experience.

It's available. You know what to do.

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