Monday 29 February 2016

E14 Plays...Nidhogg!

As many of you will have listened back to Episode 39 of The Crazy Train on Friday, you may have found yourself wondering something. How, you may ask, does someone become a permanent member of Team E14? Well, loyal fan, the answer is simple. You must face the might of our resident Nidhogg expert, Blake Harmer, in a game. It is possible to become an E14 contributor without this, by for example sending us an email Here and getting in touch, but it makes for a far more entertaining interview if people consent to the Nidhogg test.

Marc consented. This is what happened next.

E14 hopes to do some more Let's Play content in the not-too-distant future, so look forward to that. However, for this occasion we offer our apologies for the shaky player cam. This recording was impromptu and as such Rob didn't bring the tripod (not the photo one anyway, wa-hey!). Next time round will be better. Enjoy!

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