Friday 11 December 2015

Man-Baby Power Hour (The Quest For Constantine)!

Earlier in 2015, E14 chap Rob Wade had an idea:

Within the Justice League Trinity War Heroclix set, there was one figure that he really wanted. That figure was the John Constantine sculpt that formed part of the set. Wouldn't it be cool to document himself opening a Gravity Feed box of Heroclix, with the objective of finding a particular figure that he really wanted from the new set?

The answer, of course, is that it would absolutely be cool. However, what would be even cooler is if the figure you wanted could ever be in the box. It turns out that this is not the way that Gravity Feed boxes work when they are not tied into a movie (where most, if not all, of the figures available are in the box). In actual fact, when the series has a Gravity Feed and Booster box component, there are only around 10 figures available to choose from! Not realising this, Rob picked up a box and began his video recording blissfully unaware of his mathematical conundrum.

Once realising (nearly halfway through the recording) that this was the case, Rob was faced with a dilemma. Should he release the videos (originally planned to be 24 short instalments) as 11 individual videos, or consign it to the depths of obscurity forever? In the end, this was the decision. One video, used as a learning tool to get to grips with the new video editing software Rob is now enamored with (Trakax, for those curious). Once done, Rob decided it was simply too much effort to do all this learning and not do something with it

Here, therefore, is the Man-Baby Power Hour (clocking in at 24 minutes having been cut down by crushing reality). Enjoy, and be gentle in the comments below!

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