Friday 7 February 2014

E14 Presents: The Crazy Train - Episode 20: I've Found You!

Episode 20 of The Crazy Train is now live, and can be found here:

On iTunes
The Crazy Train Page on E14

Episode 20 - I've Found You!

In this episode:

  • Omer's hamster gets lost.
  • We talk Africa.
  • Brad just saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
  • Omer and Brad talk Thor.
  • We talk about Will Smith, Nathan Fillion and such.
  • We talk pubs.
  • We talk upselling at local shops.
  • Omer talks getting his Xbox One.
  • We talk retail.
  • Blake talks about his unfortunate PS4 buying experience. He has one now though, so that's fine.
  • We talk purchasing.(Editor's note: Toy Story was 1995, not 1993. We know, Internet. Calm down in advance.)
  • Omer gives some "customer is always an arsehole" perspective.
  • Blake talks about his PS4, and we have a civilised debate about consoles.
  • We talk weather.
  • Spike and Crouch tell a snow story.
  • We talk about stupidity and dated cultural references.
  • We have a slight technical glitch in our outro phase.


Rob Wade, Omer Ibrahim, Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer, Spike Direction, Sour Crouch.

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