Tuesday 25 October 2011

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Marty Feldman: The Biography of a Comedy Legend
Robert Ross
Titan Books

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Review by Blake Harmer

Regarded as an architect of British comedy, paving the way for the likes of Monty Python, and forever remembered as Igor in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, Marty Feldman made some great works as a writer, director and a performer. And even though he died at the young age of 48, he lived a very busy life as can be seen here in his very first biography.

There’s a lot to enjoy from this biography. Firstly, it covers every aspect of Marty’s life and even shows his darker side, from living rough on the streets as a young man to his successes with Young Frankenstein and Yellowbeard (which would be his last film before he died). I also liked that Marty’s life is told not only by himself from unreleased interviews, but also from his close friends and work colleagues including Graham Chapman, Spike Milligan and Terry Jones. However, the main reason the book is enjoyable to read is that you feel like you knew Marty at the end of it, and you know the bad things he went through as well as the good.

However, my main criticism with this biography is that I felt it relies a little too heavily on source materials when telling Marty’s life. This can lead to Ross deviating from the point at times and leading onto subjects which he will touch on again later even though he had already mentioned it previously. This can quite infuriating at times, but persevere and you will find an interesting read.

The Emotionally Fourteen Rating
Marty makes references to fights and what some circus acts did but nothing overly graphic.
Sex/Nudity: Some references, but nothing overly descriptive.
Swearing: Some quite strong language in places.
Summary: An enjoyable insight into the life of a comedy genius who had lived through rough times and almost conquered adversity even though he wouldn’t admit it. Sure it does get a bit side tracked at times, but if you loved Marty, you will love this. 7/10


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