Saturday 2 May 2009

The E14 Exchange

This is a genuine exchange of messages that have passed between Brad and I recently across all media, such as SMS and Facebook (images have been digitally mastered - meaning added in).

Brad - Have you ever noticed how much Samantha Ronson looks like Hayden Christensen?

Rob - I can't even remember what Samantha Ronson looks like. I'm guessing by the fact that you felt the need to text me that, somewhat like Hayden Christensen.

Rob: Ok, after looking it up, whoever she looks like, she's fugly.

Brad: She's actually attractive in the new Eminem video. They
achieve this by having someone else play her.

Rob: That explains that, then.


Brad: Try and think of things more awesome than Star Wars. It's harder than you think.

(10 minutes pass)

Rob: The Empire Strikes Back?

Brad: Can't do it can you? I tried for half an hour, and all I could come up with was Thrawn.


Rob (Facebook status update): Rob has a middle name he's happy with, and thus doesn't see why people keep adding in new ones that obviously aren't their real middle names...

Brad: Is this some kind of new fashion? I can't say I've noticed it. I am going to change my name, though. Too many dickasses from my wasted teenage years are finding me.

Rob: I have a couple of friends on my list who've done it.

Brad: Yeah, but you collect berks.

Rob (Facebook status update): Rob collects berks.


Brad: You know this furore over Air Force One flying low over Manhattan?

Rob: Yeah...

Brad: I just had to explain to someone in my work why the army didn't just shoot down the plane.

Rob: Wow, that'


Brad - We need to build a Tesla Coil.

Rob - You always fucking say that.

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  1. You wouldn't want to sleep with a woman who'd had a Tesla coil fitted as a form of contraception, though, would you?

    Or maybe you would. You guys are weird.